Oak Brook and Wheaton Dentist to Host Dental Implant Open House

Contact: Mark A. Ligocki, D.D.S. Oakbrook Terrace Phone: (630) 620-8099 Wheaton Phone: 630-665-7400
Email: rxsmile@LigockiDentalGroup.com

Dr. Mark Ligocki invites you, your friends and family to his Oakbrook or Wheaton offices to learn all about the advantages of dental implants for the treatment of missing teeth. Dr. Ligocki will be hosting a separate open house at each location in order to accommodate a larger number of patients. Ligocki Dental Group will be holding a dental implant open house at their Wheaton office on Wednesday, November 12th from 5:30-7:30pm. The dental implant open house at their Oakbrook Terrace office will take place on Monday, November 17th from 5:30-7:30pm. At the open houses, patients will have the opportunity to tour the office, meet Dr. Ligocki and his staff, and learn about the procedure, it’s costs, and affordable financing options. Refreshments will be served.

Dental implants are the most durable, functional, and natural tooth replacement option available today. The implant is comprised of a titanium post that serves as the root of your replacement tooth, a porcelain crown, and an abutment that attaches the crown to the implant. With proper oral care, a dental implant can replace a natural tooth for a lifetime.

There are numerous reasons why dental implants are superior to all other forms of tooth replacement.

  • Convenience. Once the implant is placed, it serves all the functions of a natural tooth. No eating restrictions or speaking impediments.
  • Oral health. With other tooth replacement options, the bone where the tooth root use to be may deteriorate over time, causing neighboring teeth to shift and loosen. Implants are the only option that helps prevent bone loss in the jawline.
  • Reliability. Implant placement has a success rate of over 95%.
  • Confidence. Implants are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. You will never have to worry about your dentures slipping or whistling through a missing tooth. You can eat all the foods that you desire, and most of all, you will smile more confidently at work and at play with a full, healthy set of teeth.

To stay updated about the dental implant open house, patients can visit Ligocki Dental Group’s Facebook and Twitter. Patients can also learn about Ligocki Dental Group by visiting their website at www.ligockidentalgroup.com. Dr. Mark Ligocki and his team at Ligocki Dental Group in Oak Brook and Wheaton have been serving the western suburbs for over twenty years. The practice emphasizes general family dental care as well as implants, nonsurgical gum treatments, and cosmetic procedures.